Release note



Target version v2.13-r0 not yet published yet

  • New: Implement sortable status items written by iaa (#166 #197)
  • New: Create documentation in
  • New: Add snmp agent “pass_persist” extension
  • New: Add readonly option disabling disk write
  • New: Add LinkToGraph function (#201)
  • Change: ‘name’ keyword of web interface definition become ‘title’ and value has to be a valid javascript code (using “”)
  • Change: Improve multiple KPI extraction, postprocessing and default values
  • Change: Improve logfile management (#169)
  • Fix: Serverstatus is not refreshed (#172)
  • Various bug fixes and cleanup code


  • Fix interactive configuration mode to accept commands with parameters
  • Fix various bug occuring with raspbian stretch
  • Fix info updated packages after upgrade
  • Fix typos and other bugs
  • Add configuration and tools (/usr/share/rpimonitor/scripts/) for OrangePi and Allwinner_H3


  • Add possibility to use result of KPI into source with keyword ‘data.<kpi>’
  • Add multicolumn view in status page for large screen (Enhancement #77)
  • Add alert feature able to execute script when necessary (Recovery action, SMS, e-mail, etc.)
  • Add possibility to set a default value for KPI when source is not existing
  • Add possibility to set interval to reduce the number of data extraction frequency
  • Add Makefile for installation and packege building
  • Add tools dedicated to generate manpages
  • Add arch configuration files
  • Set Status page as default landing page.
  • Logfile destination is configurable (Default: /var/log/rpimonitor.log)
  • Allow to use addons when RPi-Monitor is protected by a reverse proxy.
  • Rounding temperation to 2 digit as proposed in issue #86
  • Update startup script
  • Bug fixes and cleanup code


  • Use only data.conf and daemon.conf to avoid duplicate statistics + status when .conf placed in /etc/rpimonitor (Fix issue # 68 )
  • Add addons allowing to create custom pages (Enhancement issue #27 #28 #47)
  • Add suport of UTF-8 (Fix issue #43)
  • Add BananaPi configuration from tkaiser (
  • Add mysql status in services.conf example file


  • Fix issue #63 - Multiple pages index not correctly managed


  • Migrate style to bootstrap 3.2.0
  • Add color into progressbar orange for warning and red for danger
  • Move qrcode to about menu (link is related to the page display)
  • Add justgage generating colored gauges
  • Add visibility parameter defining if a row of status page should be shown
  • Add example configuration files showing rpimonitor rendering features
  • Sign repository and add gpg public key (to remove “unauthenticated package” installaton warning)


  • Add ‘Badge’ function for status page (similar to Label)
  • Simplify and fix startup scripts
  • Manage configuration indexes unicity per file (to make configuration easier)
  • Add ‘include’ function to load configuration additionnal files
  • Split configuration files and use include in default configuration file
  • Change ownership of cron script to avoid issue with logs
  • Add parameters to customise menu logo, title and page title
  • Add debian repository using github as repo
  • Check if localStorage is activated and warn user is not
  • Improve upgradable packages detection using aptitude for debian or pacman for archLinux (Thanks ajs124 for archLinux implementation)


  • Change directory storing configuration to /etc/rpimonitor/
  • Change configuration file name to better names
  • Create a template directory for configuration files
  • Change location of RRD storage
  • Add xbian support and distribution automatic detection in debian package.
  • Cleanup shellinabox menu display and configuration
  • Change ownership of empty.rrd to activate on demand regeneration Fixing issue #23
  • Update raspbian.conf to make it compatible with NOOBS installation
  • Update jquery (v2.1.1) and bootstrap (v2.3.2)
  • Update disk usage formula for better compatibility
  • Add ‘Label’ function for status page


  • Add version.json, menu.json and friends.json generation to fix issue #25
  • Check is file is executable (instead of existing) to define if it should be executed
  • Generate empty.rrd at each request to fix issue #23
  • Generate empty.rrd at each start workaround for issue #23 when using an external web server
  • Improve shellinabox management: <IP>/shellinabox forwards to https://<IP>:4200
  • Add RPi-Monitor Interactive Configuration Helper


  • Update rrd graph with unkown data if fetched information is not a valid number
  • Fix issue #22 : empty.rrd file not properly generated


  • Fix issue #16: (v2.4) Network Graph displaying Bytes/s not in bits/s (wrong Legend) (From deMattin)
  • Update configuration to be compatible with NOOBS as proposed in issue #17 (From deMattin)
  • Implement modification for small screen proposed in issue #18 (From deMattin)
  • Change footer to better fit with small screens
  • Implement pull request #20: Counting buffers and cache as available memory (From Harbulot)
  • Add the possibility to set Min and Max values for rrd graphs in configuration file (issue #19 #21)


  • Change shared memory management to fix issue #12 and define the shmkey in configuration file
  • Added the possibility to define the default timeline to be display in statistics page
  • Add -s (show) option to show configuration as loaded (usefull for advanced customization)
  • Added WiFi icon


  • Add small improvement given by a feedback in RPi-Experiences blog
  • Use javascript to resize correctly shellinabox iframe even in Firefox
  • Fix issue #9: Wrong calculation of used memory
  • Fix issue #11: adding friends link missing colon


  • Add the possibility to create multiple status and statistics pages
  • Add process respawner to improve reliability of rpimonitord
  • Add HTML5 cache for json data to speedup page display and offload RPi
  • bug fix: Embedded server won’t start on 443 or 80 ports (issue #8)
  • bug fix: cleanup code according to comment described in issue #7


  • Precheck result before adding in RRD to improve graphs
  • Add the possibility to customize axis with graph_options parameter
  • Add timeout for KPI reading to avoid possible hang when reading external sensors
  • Change keywork ds_graph_opts by ds_graph_options to be consistant with javascriptrrd and flot documentation
  • Fix Issue #6: a stranger rpimonitor.conf


  • Add the possibility to draw static values
  • Remove update package status update after apt-get command. Update command will have to be executed manually.
  • Add redirection for shellinabox for url /shellinabox
  • Add a manpage dedicated to configuration: man rpimonitord.conf
  • Change in configuration files to make status and statistic pages fully configurable
  • Add post-process formula to have more readable values
  • Curves displayed in graph are now fully configurable
  • Remove Legend position and timezone from graphs
  • Make legend of graph configurable


  • Fix bugs highligthed by
  • Fix bugs avoiding RPi-Monitor to work properly with an external web server


  • Fix bugs
  • Add package to be upgraded popover listing
  • Add firmware version
  • Increase shared memory to 8kb to support bigger json due to package upgrade status list
  • Add warning before closing or refreshing sheelinabox page to avoid unwanted connection closing
  • Remove graph without real meaning (voltage, cpu_frequency)
  • Remember last graph displayed (to make update easier just by clicking Statistics menu)


  • Bugs fix related to dependencies of package v1.2.
  • Added package status improvement.
  • Improve embedded server to work with a secure reverse proxy.
  • Add governor info in CPU status.


  • Bugs fix related to uptime.
  • Adding preload spinner for statistics.
  • Added package status into status page.
  • Prepare embedded server to work with a secure reverse proxy.
  • Remove SSL embedded capability (which is not working in RPi) to reduce dependencies.


  • Add ‘Friends’ to add links to RPi-Monitor from different RPi.
  • Improve uptime display in status page and add RPi clock.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • v1.0-1 Initial release.